A collaborative workplace where independent creative designers, artist and craftsmen with diverse talents share and support each other’s growth toward building their own successful business. The Stream is a resource conduit that offers our clients scalable product design and development with prototyping and custom limited production.

The RIVER TABLE is designed by Dorsey Cox and crafted by metalsmith Forrest Millsap. Our vision is to provide the sensory experience of gazing into a rippling freestone stream. This Brazilian Gold Stone is a natural conglomerate produced millions of years ago by the pressure and heat of the Earth’s shifting geological plates. The metal forged leaves lift the glass top off of the stone giving us the sensation of looking at the stone through moving water. The other stones were just thrown into the stream!  Item for Sale.

Birmingham, Alabama artist Tres’ Taylor and metalsmith Forrest Millsap collaborated on a custom Dinning Table for San Francisco, California customer Michael Rounds. Michael asked Tres’ to paint a 36” x 84” scene from his Magic Cherry Tree Series paintings and put it into a dining table. Tres’ came to the Stream and asked if we could design and fabricate a metal frame and custom table base for his painting. This exciting collaboration has yielded a one of a kind handsome forged metal table. This table design shipped KD and required only a hammer to assemble.

Mary Davis, a vibrant 92 old lady and retirement home resident asked Dorsey Cox and Brad Lugar to design and build a parson’s style mobile table that could clear the top of her favorite recliner lift chair. She needed a strong, stable and flexible work surface to conduct her daily activities on with ample storage for loose items. The Stream produced four tables; we arranged and nested them to find they are versatile for everyone’s working and living spaces. Item for Sale.

A client visited The Stream with a vision of making a custom shadow box table to display personal items from their life’s journey. Forrest Millsap created this proportional design using a combination metal base and beautiful curly maple that stands on its own while also showcasing the items in the shadow box. Item for Sale.

Forrest Millsap crafted this table from recycled materials such as old wood doors and torched & forged Steel pipe. While this table is his own artistic vision, Forrest is building clients by personally responding to their custom design needs with beautifully sculpted machines, knives and furniture. Item for Sale.

Like a moving stream this is a place for change and growth intended to provide a temporary studio for selected entrepreneurs to launch new business and hone their skills.

Dorsey Cox, IDSA

Life is simplified by good design. Dorsey has designed many successful innovations from consumer and medical product to office furniture. He has over 25 years’ experience in industrial design with 16 patents and others pending. Raised in a family of manufacturers, Dorsey developed a keen understanding of materials and processes. He received his Bachelor of Industrial Design from Auburn University. He started his furniture career in 1987 as a designer for Thonet and Shelby Williams Industries and then became Director of Design for Falcon Products from 1990-1998. He was a founding principal of PUSH Product Design in 1998 and started dorseycoxdesign in 2003. Dorsey founded the STREAM in East Avondale in 2012.

Sean Simmons, IDSA

Sean is an international product designer. From Consumer and Medical Products to Furniture, Sean approaches every design project from the intrigue of possible new discoveries. He immerses himself in the customers’ needs and continually innovates for new and emerging markets, with results of products that help us personally define ourselves as we use and bond with his creations. After obtaining a degree in Industrial Design degree from Auburn University in 1984, Sean went to work for Montalbano Design Inc. (NYC), and then in 1987 was brought in Sonneman Design Group (NYC) as the design director and lead designer for the new consumer products division. After 7+ years, he left to launch objectivedesign in 1994. Sean continues to consult with US, Pacific Rim and European companies, many who have been clients for over 20 years, while establishing new local clients including KPS Architectural, Piggly Wiggly, MedSnap and Moultrie.

Brad Lugar, IDSA

After receiving a BS in Industrial Design from Auburn University, Brad has worked with companies such as Leica Geo Systems, Nintendo America, Emerson Tool Company, and VF corp.  During this time he has furthered developed his skills in graphic design, product development, point of purchase, product branding, photography, and clothing design. His studies have lead him back in his hometown of Birmingham AL. His future goal is to bring design into the city and help others by developing products that can greatly improve their lives.

Sarah Heath

Sarah Heath received her BFA in Sculpture from the University of Kansas and her MFA from the University of Georgia, where she graduated with distinction. Sarah has shown in 35 art exhibitions across the US. Sarah has won numerous awards and been featured in B-Metro Magazine and Creative Quarterly magazine. Sarah has given artist lectures at the University of Alabama Birmingham, Utah State University, Salem Art Works, Piedmont College, Lamar Dodd School of Art and the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art. She has been an artist in residence at Sloss Metal Arts in Birmingham Al, and Salem Art Works in Salem NY. Sarah is a teaching artist for the Alys Stevens Center’s art outreach and education program, ArtPlay. She is also currently an art therapy instructor for the Highlands Center for eating disorders.


Forrest Millsap

Forrest received his BA in sculpture from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He was introduced to metalwork at Sloss Furnaces, where he worked with the metal-arts program for five years. While attending school he worked as assistant to Birmingham sculptors, Brad Morton and Chris Fennell. He gained commercial experience while working as a fabricator/blacksmith for Heirloom Ironworks and Appleseed Workshop. Forrest has completed many private commissions and spent time as an artist in residence at Salem Art Works. Most recently he was hired to be the blacksmith for an international sculpture symposium at West Rutland Art Park. Currently Forrest lives in Birmingham and works out of his studio in The Stream building.

The STREAM offers a unique meeting place for creative design gatherings.

The Stream/ dorseycoxdesign is a Gold Sponsor of the 2014 Design Week Birmingham (dwb). Please participate in the weeks activities to grow design awareness in Birmingham.

Dorsey Cox, IDSA, the founder of STREAM is cultivating a unique local business resource designed to promote collaboration among designers, artist and fabricators. The newly renovated East Avondale building includes 1000 Sq. ft. of metal smithing fabrication, 1000 Sq. ft. of Woodworking & Model shop, 1000 Sq. Ft. of Design Offices and 350 Sq. Ft. of resource library and conference room.  The STREAM offers a unique meeting place for creative design gatherings. Each person rents office and shop space to work independently on their client projects while also having the opportunity to draw from the other cross-disciplinary creative talent to achieve the most innovative solutions.


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